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The Former Parish of Saint Bride
The Former Parish of Saint Bride
To Teach Who Christ Is!   NEW TOTAL!

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To Teach Who Christ Is! NEW TOTAL!

Posted on Wed, May 11, 2016

Campaign for St. Bride - $128,900.00 promised so far!

We are blown away by the generosity of our parishioners and friends.  Please note the 100% of any total over $85,000.00 stays in St. Bride.  Thank you to all who have taken part in any way!

Video here:


About the Campaign

Archbishop's Message

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

On the day my appointment by Pope Francis as the Archbishop of Chicago was announced, Cardinal George noted that transitions in leadership always have the benefit of bringing a fresh set of eyes. I can tell you that my eyes have remained wide open with delight as I have seen firsthand the unique qualities of the lay men and women, priests and religious of this great local Church. There is an unparalleled strength and vigor in Chicago’s Catholic community, which has historically been recognized far and wide, to the point that many dioceses in our country have been blessed by the deep faith and dedication of people from here.

All of this makes me quite honored to be your archbishop and to take up the task of leading an important effort begun by Cardinal George, namely, the To Teach Who Christ Is capital campaign.

The Cardinal shared with me the needs which the campaign will address and why the very ambitious goal of $350 million has been set. A majority of the funds raised will be returned to parishes for their unique needs. Building strong parishes is essential to current and future generations of Catholics, and $150 million will directly benefit the needs, and reward the efforts, of our parishes. Also vital is ensuring Catholic education is always available to families in need. A second $150 million is being directed to the newly established Catholic Education Scholarship Trust to ensure scholarship awards are available to our children, our grandchildren, and even their children! This endowed fund truly helps guarantee excellence in Catholic education in perpetuity. How exciting it is to see faith formation being taken to a new, innovative level, and support given to catechists, as well as facility and life safety issues being addressed at our most vulnerable churches and properties.

My simple request to you is to join the thousands of Catholics across the Archdiocese who have already pledged a gift to the campaign. By coming together to support the needs of today and tomorrow we not only will benefit from our partnership with one another, but also be true to the rich heritage of our ancestors who built our churches and schools and established educational and social programs that have enriched all of our lives. We can have that same kind of impact on the Church for years to come, ever faithful to our call To Teach Who Christ Is.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Reverend Blase J. Cupich
Archbishop of Chicago

St. Bride

Local Case Statement


Introductory Statement:

Located on the corner of South Coles and East 78th St. in Chicago since our founding in 1893, the Church of St. Bride has been serving the South Shore community for over 120 years. The parish is a diverse group in all ways: young and old, people from all around the world, and folks who possess hundreds of different God-given talents.

Many people have a very special place in their hearts for the Church of St. Bride. Whether parishioners in the past, a visitor who attended Mass and fell in love with our quaint community, or someone who has regularly been attending for years, the Church of St. Bride is a very special place that deserves much respect.

Our small but committed community has fought to serve the needs of the area and has maintained the reputation of being a welcoming and friendly parish. Rallying together to provide the best possible space for worship, the parish community ensured that our renewal of the Church interior in 2000 was a success.

The To Teach Who Christ Is campaign gives all the St. Bride community an opportunity to come together once again. In addition to contributing to the larger Church of Chicago, ensuring access to education for all of Chicago’s Catholics, there will be significant local benefits as well. Through our success, we will rest assured that our parish structures will be maintained for the celebration of the sacraments for  our families and we will be able to provide our children a superior Catholic education, and all will enjoy many faith ministries for years to come.

Our Local Case Statement:

We plan to direct all of the funds that return to our church to the important project of tuck pointing. Our parish goal was assigned to be $85,000. We are striving to raise a minimum of $100,000. This would mean that $66,000 returns to the parish for our use. Tuck pointing is an extremely important project for us to attend to, ensuring both the stability of our structures, and more importantly, the safety of all who frequent our buildings. By employing local contractors to complete the job, the parish is supporting our local South Shore community, while also completing necessary projects.



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