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The Former Parish of Saint Bride
The Former Parish of Saint Bride
St. Bride Bulletin - June 5, 2016 - With Insert
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St. Bride Bulletin - June 5, 2016 - With Insert

Posted on Wed, Jun 1, 2016

The Tenth Sunday of the Church Year

My Dear People and Friends of St. Bride,

This past Sunday, May 29th, 2016 – The Sunday Offering totaled $495.00 way down from what we need to meet budget.  Please try to make up for the weeks you may have missed.  Thank you to all those who share so faithfully each week!  Any increase will be greatly appreciated! 

Here is a report on our very successful Spring Luncheon. Our total profit for the afternoon is so far $9176.35.  Your generosity is overwhelming.  We had wonderful afternoon of feasting, music and socializing. Mark your calendar for MAY 21st, 2017.  Don’t say we didn’t let you know ahead of time!

 Thanks for listening and God Bless your ongoing generosity!   Fr. Bob

Mother Teresa Relic and Exhibit Coming to St. Bride in July 2016

A First Class Relic and an Exhibition of the life and work of Mother Teresa of Calcutta’s life will be present at St. Bride in mid – July 2016. 

Special Masses, including a Saturday afternoon Mass at 4 PM on July 16, 2016 celebrated by Bishop Joseph PerryAfter Mass, Dinner will be available in the Church Hall.

Other events will be taking place during these days as well. Blessings with the relic and other devotions and talks will be included.  Tentatively set for July 14 – 20th, watch the bulletin and our web page for more information shortly! If you would like to be a part of the committee to arrange the details of the Mother Teresa exhibit, we will begin meeting shortly.  Watch for details!

The Apostleship of Prayer

During the month of June, the month that brings special devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we begin a prayer program here at St. Bride.
 Catholics around the world, through The Apostleship of Prayer, UNITE their daily prayers with the intentions of the Holy Father, Pope Francis. Daily prayer intentions can unite each of us to the intentions offered by the Holy Father.

 The Apostleship of prayer was started in France by the Jesuit order. At the time, younger members wanted a monthly prayer focus that united their prayers for those Christians who had become Missionaries. Started in 1844, the idea has been practiced by many Saints throughout the years.  St. Therese of Liseux, Pope St. John Paul II and Blessed Mother Teresa, for example. With continued growth, our present Pope says that the monthly prayer unites us with fellow faith members and especially those in need, across the world.
 Each month, a prayer intention card will be on the back tables containing a prayer and reflection.  Please feel welcome to participate and unite your personal daily offering with Pope Francis and fellow Catholics around the world.


“And when the Lord saw her, he had compassion on her and said to her, ‘Do not weep.’” Luke 7:13

This verse is a great reminder that the Stewardship lifestyle is one of service, putting God first and to “love one another.”  Unfortunately today, many people have “passion” for activities they enjoy - their job and off-work activities.  Many times our “passion” to excel is at the expense of someone else.  Maybe we need to focus on a little less passion for our individual concerns and a lot more compassion for others.


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