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The Former Parish of Saint Bride
The Former Parish of Saint Bride
St. Bride Bulletin - August 21, 2016
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St. Bride Bulletin - August 21, 2016

Posted on Fri, Aug 19, 2016

The Twenty-first Sunday of the Church Year - Insert added!

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Weekly Offering Update

It has been a while since I have updated our weekly offering numbers, so here they are since July 1, 2016.  As you can see the numbers are erratic.  This has to do, I am sure, with the summer months and people travelling, etc.  Please try to make up for the weeks you may have missed.  We depend on everyone’s giving 52 weeks a year!

 July 3, 2016 10 $1,359.00 July 10, 2016 $1,384.00

July 17, 2016 $2,091.00 July 24, 2016 $669.00

 July 31, 2016 $891.00 August 7, 2016 $1,181.00

August 14, 2016 $1,379.00

Odds and Ends…

Please use the Weekly Offering Envelopes mailed to your home.  I know there is trouble with receiving them sometimes, but that is strictly because of your letter carrier and the local post office.  99% of the envelopes mailed are delivered in a timely manner.  The 1% is because of the above mentioned.  Here are a couple suggestions:  If you drive to Church, put the envelopes – as soon as they arrive - in your glove compartment of the car!  In your purse, remove the envelopes from the outer envelope and fasten with a paperclip and slip in your purse.  You will have them with you on Sunday!  The reason for this note is that we pay to have the envelopes printed and mailed, yet more and more people are using the envelopes on the tables, the generic My Offering ones, which we also have to pay for ($40 for 500).  Also, record keeping is easier with the envelopes mailed to your home.  Thanks for considering this.

Regarding the Minister’s Schedules:  Please be sure to destroy the previous months copy as it contains phone numbers of parishioners.  Tear it up before you dispose of it, please!

Kneelers:  Last week we had an epidemic of kneelers crashing during Mass, at least 5 to my count!  Let’s try this – When you arrive lower the kneeler and LEAVE IT DOWN for the duration of Mass.  The crashing is not only distracting but weakens the joints of the kneelers; screws loosen and the wooden joints separate!  Thanks for you consideration!


Upcoming Dates and Events for 2016 - 2017

August 28th – Fr. John Cunningham, SJ, of Loyola University will be out presider

September 11th – Blessing and Dedication of the Rain Garden

And Parish Picnic after Mass in the Parish Yard

October 16th – Oktoberfest after Mass in the Church Hall

November 19th – Thanksgiving Outreach Luncheon to the Community

November 27th – First Sunday of Advent

December 4th – Breakfast with Santa immediately following Mass

December 8th – The Immaculate Conception Mass at 8 AM in the Church

December 24th – Christmas Family Mass at 4 PM

December 25th – Christmas Morning Mass at 10 AM


February 26th – Mardi Gras Party

February 28th – Annual Revival Night

March 1st – Ash Wednesday

March 19th – St. Joseph and St. Patrick Dinner

April 9th – Palm Sunday - The start of Holy Week

April 16th – Easter Sunday

May 21st – Spring Luncheon at The Dynasty in Hammond


St. Bride Church – The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago – August 21, 2016



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