Posted on Sun, Oct 27, 2019:

A New Direction......

THANKSGIVING OUTREACH:  With the retirement last July of                        Coach Terry Rose, we closed the St. Bride Food Pantry.  We still collect food and clothing for other organizations around the area, particularly in South Chicago.

With the coming of Thanksgiving and our annual Outreach Tradition, and after prayer, reflection and discussion we are going to change our approach.  We believe we have come up with a creative solution. Since we do not have the base of guests from the food pantry, we are endeavoring to reach a wider group of existing clients at other Food and Clothing Pantries.  What we are suggesting is that you make a contribution of food related gift cards or cash donations to our effort.  We will responsibly distribute the cards to these other reliable groups and use the cash contributions to purchase turkeys and hams to be distributed.

Thanks for considering supporting this new effort.

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